Collecting your thoughts!! 📖

A helpful suggestion I always pass along to anyone possibly interested in writing is to start a collection space for thoughts and ideas that pop into your head.  I was given this suggestion a long time ago myself and have found it to be a very useful tool. I am old school and still have a spiral notebook where I gather these tidbits of information that come to me so I don’t forget them.  Sometimes ideas will bug me until I get them out of my head and onto paper.

Today’s technology allows people to create their collection spaces in so many different ways, they have the flexibility to collect things on whatever device or application works best for them.  These tidbits could eventually lead to the basis for a story so having them all in one place is really helpful. You should make notes in your collection space so they make sense to you. This space is yours and yours alone.

Some of the things I have collected in my notebook are:  
- names of possible characters or places
- an observation I made of something from my everyday life
- something I found fascinating or amusing
- a scenario from my imagination

The possibilities are endless because this is whatever you make of it.  I hope this helps someone start collecting their thoughts to be used down the road as they begin looking for ideas to write about.  If you are someone who already does this, where is your preferred collection space?


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