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Where & When Do You Like To Write??

Now that you are on the road to collecting your ideas in one place, it’s time to move on and set yourself up so that you can start writing something everyday using those ideas.  Figuring out where you feel most comfortable to write is important because it will help your productivity. I know some writers who have to work in the same space every day or else it throws off their creative flow.  For others, their work space could change from day to day because they feel it depends on their mood at the time they are able to sit down and work. For these writers, nothing is set in stone. Your workspace is for you to decide so that you can get the most out of your time spent writing. The other thing that goes along with where you are able to do your best work is when you do you best work.  Are you an early morning person, a night owl or someone in between?  It really depends on what time of day you are most productive. In addition, it also can depend on when you have the time to sit d

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